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ADN or BSN? Choosing a Nursing Program

Congrats! You’ve done some research & decided to be a nurse. Whether its a first career choice or second (third or fourth) career choice, choosing the type of program that works best for you can be daunting. When choosing the best degree route, you have to choose what’s right for your pockets, lifestyle & goals.… Continue reading ADN or BSN? Choosing a Nursing Program

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Pleas From a Nurse: COVID – 19

COVID-19 is the topic of conversation right now. The United States & many countries around the world are on lock down. Businesses, schools, colleges, restaurants, stores have shut their doors &, if able, sent their employees home. There's no toilet paper, hand sanitizer, or cleaning supplies to be found in stores. This virus has spread… Continue reading Pleas From a Nurse: COVID – 19

Nursing School · Pre-Nursing Preparation

Getting Into Nursing School

So you want to be a registered nurse? That's the career path you've chosen & now you have to get into nursing school. How do you do that? Let's talk about it! The first step is choosing your program type: Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) or Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN). The nursing profession… Continue reading Getting Into Nursing School